Our Plant Based CAL/KAL!

Calling all plant lovers! We are hosting a Crochet-a-long AND Knit-a-Long beginning May1st through the end of August! We have received several new and classic plant based yarns (think Linen, cotton, etc) and it is the perfect time to try your hand a crochet or knit pattern! Each yarn has been paired with a Crochet and a knit pattern that would best suit the yarn. There are only a couple rules to the CAL/KAL, 1) you purchase the yarn from us, 2) You use one or more of the recommended patterns) and to enter into the drawing for a $50 gift card, you finish your item by the end of August! Each item you knit or crochet will gain you an entry!

Once you order the yarn, send us an email letting us know what pattern you plan on knitting or crocheting and when you are finished, post some pictures for us to see! Hopefully we can see it IN PERSON very soon!!!

The Plant Wall Yarns:
Kelbourne Mojave Yarn  - Heavy fingering/Sport weight cotton linen blend
Malabrigo Sursurro Yarn - Sport/lightDK Silk/Wool/linen blend
Moondrake Co. Merino Linen Yarn - 90/10 Merino Linen blend - Coming this week to the website!
Shibui Reed - 100% Linen Yarn
BC Garn Lino - 100% Linen Yarn 
Handspun Hope Handspun Cotton - 100% Cotton 
Kancha - Wool/Cotton Bland - Fingering/sport

The Patterns - Crochet


Pattern: Water Clover by Isa Catepillán
(Found in PomPom Spring 2019)

Suggested Yarn: Mojave or Surrsuro

Pattern: Spring Solstice Wrap by Sylwia Kawczyńska

Suggested Yarn: Reed, Lino, or Moondrake

Pattern: Linen Market Bag by Purl Soho

Suggested Yarn: Reed, Lino, or Handspun Hope Cotton


The Patterns - Knitting

Pattern: Argil by Clare Lakewood

Suggested Yarn: Moondrake, Mojave, or Reed

Pattern: Rift by Jacqueline Cieslak

Suggested Yarn: Sursurro

Pattern: Caprius Shawl by Francoise Danoy

Suggested Yarn: Lino, Reed, or Moondrake

Pattern: Aperture Shawl by Ambah O'Brien

Suggested Yarn: Reed, Lino, Moondrake, or Sursurro