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Free shipping on orders over $150!!
Free shipping on orders over $150!!

Our Story

Knitting, crocheting, and the fiber arts in general are no longer a hobby or craft of the past. While yes your grandmother probably does one or both of these, that does not make any of the fiber arts a boring old-time craft. The Modern Skein is here to show you that no matter your age, background, or generation you might fall into, you too should have access to the finest, modern, up-to-date, yarn and fiber, notions, and accessories available. 

With carefully curated yarns, knitting and crocheting accessories (we love crochet too!), totes, and other fiber related items, we strive to be your fresh, modern, go to source for all your craft needs. 


Sharon's dream of owning a yarn shop came true July of 2017 and The Modern Skein online was born. Fast forward to January 2018, the dream of a storefront was taking shape, and we opened the doors March 8th, 2018. In February 2020 we were able to expand the shop and double the size, allowing for even more community!

Our customers are amazing, and we would love to have you join us! Become a regular of the shop if you are local, or come when you can or are in town. EVERYONE is welcome! If you are out of state or country, We hope you will pick us as your online shop of choice, follow our Instagram feed for the latest new products, events and more.  Yes, sales keep our small business going, but having our patrons support us simply by attending events, showing up for trunk shows and Sit and Stitch meet ups, following, liking and commenting on posts and videos help grow our business too!


Are you an indie dyer, small time creator of knitting or crocheting accessories or other fiber related items that you wholesale? Please reach out to us via this form and we will be in touch!