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Free Shipping on US orders over $150



Kate Burge-Tibi & Rachel Price began Spincycle as a handspinnery in 2004, the two of us kettle dyeing and spinning small batches of yarn and vending at Bellingham's farmers’ market. Because we came to this work with our foundation strictly in hand dyeing and handspinning, the hardest part of growing Spincycle from its tiny roots into a mill and dye house with worldwide reach, was figuring out how to scale up production while making yarn that looked exactly like handspun. 

Most of time, yarns are milled and then dyed. In this way, you can get beautiful solids and tonals, or speckled colorways, or dip-dyed (also known as space-dyed) effects. You definitely cannot get a slow color changing yarn like ours, however, where the hues sunset into one another and where the surprise tones that occur when one color blends with another is as unique from skein to skein as a fingerprint. That is the Spincycle magic.