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Our Makers

We love our Makers and we want you to learn about them!


Biches & Buches - 

we are a scandinavian family settled in france,
astrid designs garnments of wool with a deep love for sweaters and cozy shawls,
with our natural wool coming from a family-owned fiber mill in scotland.
we then create knitting kits with the two combined
and you will also find books, knitting tools and our wool <3

xx astrid & caroline & louise

Brooklyn Tweed - 

At Brooklyn Tweed we are passionate about natural fibers, knitting and design.

We develop and manufacture breed-specific yarns that fortify the American fiber supply chain and highlight the unique stories of our hard-working domestic partners. This means designing, sourcing, dyeing and spinning our yarns 100% within the USA and welcoming the knitter along on the journey from sheep to skein.

Rich in history, the American textile industry needs support to grow. Producing our yarns domestically helps local economies prosper, supporting dignified work and sustainable livelihoods within these traditionally underpaid fields. We forge lasting relationships from the ranch to the mill, enriching independent businesses while illuminating this very human process for our community of makers.

ChiaGoo Needles - 

Westing Bridge LLC is a family-owned business that was started by four brothers. Its ChiaoGoo brand knitting and crochet tools are designed and distributed in Troy, Michigan. Its manufacturing facility is based in Hangzhou, China. 

In the 1990’s, the family decided to expand the product line and its production capacity in order to prepare for overseas distribution. In 2005, the four brothers made a milestone decision to incorporate the manufacturing part of the business, Hangzhou Westing Bridge LLC. At the same time, the youngest son established Westing Bridge LLC in Troy, MI for the marketing and distribution of the knitting and crochet tools outside of China.

Farmers Daughter Fibers 

Born a farm girl, Candice English, the owner and operator at The Farmer's Daughter Fibers, embodies her heritage & home state of Montana into all aspects of her work. 

The heritage of The Farmer's Daughter is what inspires. The early years of my life were spent growing up on a farm/ranch 30 miles east of the Blackfeet Reservation, where my Mother Pauline Matt was born and raised. Grandma Pauline is the foundation of our family, connected to the earth in immeasurable ways. Rich Native American roots, traditions, strength, and family ways drive us. It embodies all aspects of what we do.

In 2016 during an early stage midlife/identity crisis Candice started dyeing yarn in her 200 square foot laundry room. With the guidance of Creator whispering in her ear she found she was able to create colors rich with feelings of nostalgia, hope, and happiness. The next two years was spent slowly taking up the space in the basement of her home while the business quickly grew. In 2018 faced with either slowing the growth of Farmer's Daughter Fibers (FDF) or moving into a bigger space, Candice talked her husband Xander into quitting his military career and becoming the head dyer at FDF. Soon after they moved into a 4,000 square foot space, the old laundry facility for the Columbus Hospital in Great Falls, Mt. Never thinking they would fill the space; two years later the shipping department and retail space have outgrown our fun and funky building & we moved into the 300 block of Historic Downtown Great Falls. 

Garthenor - 

Sometimes, when the things you want aren't made by anyone else, you've just got to do it yourself. That's how we started, back in 1999. A small flock of sheep and a local mill combined to be able to produce our first ever yarns.

At the time, no organic standards existed for wool yarns. We were confident that the way we spun our yarns, starting with organic sheep, through environmentally friendly, traceable spinning was the right way, but it wasn't quite enough. So, by working with the Soil Association, we helped write the first ever organic standards for woollen yarns.

In 2003, we became the first company in the world to produce fully certified organic wool yarns - and we've never stopped.

Since then, we've been obsessed with traceable, ethical yarns. Everything we do is certified to Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS)

Happy Go Knitty - New Zealand

Hi, I'm Helene and I'm the indie dyer behind all the yarn you can find on this website. I have my roots in Sweden but now live in Auckland, New Zealand.

There's so much exciting happening in the wool world here in the Southern hemisphere at the moment and the yarn bases I use are mainly produced in small mills in New Zealand and Australia – merino-cross, polwarth and suri alpaca are the main fibres. They are woolly, pure and non superwash treated. The fibres can be traced back to the farm they came from. Pretty cool, if you ask me!

Yarn blends that are not produced here downunder, I source from other parts of the world. They are more exotic ones like yak, silk and mohair. Luxury and lovely in there own kind of way.

Hedgehog Fibres - Cork Ireland

Hedgehog Fibres is an Irish artisan yarn and fibre dyeing studio located in Co. Cork, Ireland.

Yarn dyeing started as an extension of Beata Jezek’s other hobbies - spinning, knitting and crochet. Beata says “Soon after I took up knitting, I realised I really wanted to create my own yarn line of soft, squishy yarns in beautiful colours. It's the colours I want to knit with, the colours I want to wear and the colours I can't live without.” Hedgehog Fibres colours reflect Beata’s personal style and range from dark, rich and earthy to crazy, fluorescent and vibrant depending on her moods - but always colours she loves! Originally from Slovakia, Beata has called Ireland her home for over a decade. In Slovakian, Jezek means hedgehog so in 2008, when knitting friends pushed her to sell them yarns, Hedgehog Fibres was founded. (No hedgehogs are harmed in the making of our products!)

Malabrigo - Uruguay, South America

We are a family owned yarn company located in Uruguay and we have developed a line of Hand-Dyed yarns of incredible softness and wonderful color variations. Our products are made out of the softest fibers available and inspired by nature, as well as landscapes, places, art and day-to-day life. This is what we try to represent when naming our 18 yarn varieties and the range of over 300 colors they come in.

We produce yarn because we are passionate about it. We believe in the pleasure of knitting with good-quality, carefully designed, subtly dyed yarns and in the joy of wearing whatever is made out of them. Our wish is to continue developing yarns and colors to inspire people all over the world, and in return be inspired by them .

Night Owl Yarn - Rachel from Houston Texas

Hi! I'm Rachel the Head Owl (aka Owner and Dyer) behind Night Owl Fibers.  A lot of people ask me why I named my yarn dyeing business Night Owl Fibers and the reason is that I do my best work at night. I am truly a night person and not a morning person. 

I began crafting at a very young age (3 years old) when my mom taught me how to embroider dish towels.  Many nights I would realize when it was bed time that I had somehow embroidered my work to my night gown.  My home has always been filled with crafts and interesting projects.  Crafting and making things has also been passed down to me from great grandmothers, my grandma and my mom.   

In December 2014 I asked my parents for some bare yarn and acid dyes and my creativity came to life in ways that I could have never imagined.  Thus Night Owl Fibers was born.  My inspiration for dyeing comes from every aspect of my life, from movies to nature, pop culture and  music and the list goes on.  

Qing Fibre - Layla from London, UK

We are Qing Fibre, an independent, hand dyed yarn company specialising in colour and crazy speckles, but I’m sure you already knew all that ;) 
This year (2019) we will be turning three and it has flown by with hardly a chance for breathe, or a chance to really interact with our followers and customers. We would like to change that and we hope you will come along for the ride! 
We began the year by moving to a new studio! And if you think your yarn stash is out of control then ours is beyond belief, it is only when you have to carry your stash down 5 sets of stairs and drive it across London you realise that you may have got a bit carried away!
Red Stag Fibre - Joshua Graff from Conroe Texas, USA

My name is Joshua Graff and I am the Owner and Lead Dyer behind Red Stag Fibre. Since starting this company 3 years ago, we have grown our offerings and are now in over 10 shops around the United States.  My Yarn is unique in that the focus is Hand Dyed tonals,  which are great for colorwork and garments, and appeals to both male and female crafters with the deep and rich palette I have created. My inspiration for dyeing comes from travels to Europe with my beautiful wife Sharon. History of the 17-19th century is fascinating and I love learning about and visiting the towns, castles, and museums of Europe. 

Up until a few years ago, I had not tapped into my creative side for much, until my wife opened up a yarn shop!  After several months of helping her in the shop and all the customers asking if I knit, I decided that one way I could better connect with her would be to hand dye yarn.Growing up my grandmother helped me learn to paint which helped me with color appreciation and blending which helps me with my dye process. Once I launched Red Stag in July 2018 the yarn was a quick hit at Sharon’s Shop (The Modern Skein) and pretty soon my yarn was being mailed all over. I decided that instead of this just being a little hobby, I would pursue this full time and in the past year the business has exploded!  I do plan on trying my hand at knitting one day when I have some free time…    :) 

Red Stag Fibre is based out of Conroe, TX and just recently expanded into our new Dye Studio.

Savvy Skeins - Ali from Texas, USA

Ali Telfer is the dyer and mastermind behind Savvy Skeins.  It all began about 10 years ago when she decided she wanted to learn how to knit. Knitting turned into spinning, then spinning into dyeing. Ali takes pride in the artistic side of dyeing yarn. Each skein dyed is like it's own piece of art. Careful attention to color combinations and techniques makes Savvy Skeins a stand out brand.  The yarn is dyed in small batches from her home in New Braunfels, TX.  

Suburban Stitcher - Richmond TX

My name is Dianne, and I’m so happy you found me.  I started blogging in 2006 when I found myself very temporarily at home, in between jobs, and completely OBSESSED with cross-stitching.  Over the last several years I have enjoyed stitching, sewing, quilting, and knitting…but the one constant has been my love for sharing with all of you what I’m working on. Podcasting is my newest venture, and I’m loving it so far!  I currently am the full time yarn dyer & creative guru for Suburban Stitcher.  I never could have dreamed or imagined in 2006 that starting that blog would one day become my career, but here we are and I’m so glad you are along for the ride.

On a personal note 🙂 I am married to an AMAZING man (Mr. Stitcher!), have two boys & one lazy dog.  I love the beach, clean bright rooms, and all things pink and purple.  I was diagnosed with celiac disease in January 2014, and since then I’ve eaten a strict gluten-free diet.  I’m addicted to hot tea, and I LOVE using essential oils.  I often talk about my journeys with diet and health on Instagram and my podcast, and of course, will always answer questions as they come up.


Shibui - 

On a visit to Tokyo’s Ginza market in 2004, Darcy Cameron picked up a handwoven bag dyed with persimmons. She loved the bag’s pure simplicity, described by her Japanese friend as “very shibui,” or “elegant with a touch of bitterness.” This inspired an enduring aesthetic.

Shibui Knits was born in 2007, in the basement of Darcy’s yarn store in Portland, Oregon. Faced with the limitations of yarn from big-brand companies, she started her own label, bringing yarn of the highest quality to small, independent stores like her own. Shibui Knits has since grown to represent timeless sophistication in local yarn stores worldwide. Today, we continue to be grounded in the concept of simplicity well executed, with loving attention to detail.