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Pattern: Vellichor by Andrea Mowry

Size: 2

MC: Aroha - Driftwood
CC1: Qing Fibre Pure Merino Fingering - Bluefinch
CC2: Brooklyn Tweed Peerie - Unknown Colorway

Modifications: Regular twisted rib at the neckline, plain ribbing for sleeve cuffs

Pattern: Spring Solstice Wrap by Sylwia Kawczyńska

MC: The Modern Skein Pure Tweed - Serene
CC: Qing Fibre Pure Merino Fingering - Ophelia

Pattern: Caprius Shawl by Francoise Danoy

Yarn: Lino - 62 Moss

Pattern: Ochre Cardigan by Ambah O'Brien

Yarn: Lino - 51 Petrol

Pattern: The Shift by Andrea Mowry

Color A: Red Stag Fibre Cottage Sock - Quay
Color B: Red Stag Fibre Cottage Sock - Sunshine
Color C: Red Stag Fibre Cottage Sock - English Rose

Modifications: Followed color suggestion order to approximately the last 3rd of the pattern, then recycled the color order.



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